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Support: +44 20-7628 2008

MBRM Technical Support Facilities

Supported users have free access to the online support forums of the MBRM Web Service:

These are online support/discussion forums and a searchable support knowledgebase to assist you in maximizing the benefit from using our Universal Add-ins and ensure you are one of the first to preview the latest models and enhancements.

To view it, please log into the online support/discussion forums of the MBRM Web Service, i.e. clicking https://www.mbrm.com/asp (or via our main web site https://www.mbrm.com, and then choosing "Web Service & Licenses" from the left hand frame button [the one with a spider web])

If you don't know your password for the MBRM Web Service, you can request it by using the "Forgotten password" box on the login screen.

After you log into the MBRM Web Service, choose Main Menu option "Online Support/Discussion Forums and searchable Support Knowledgebase". If you are not already registered to access the forums, you can click "Register Now" to register yourself for a few or even all the forums, including the forums for add-ins you haven't licensed.

If you are not the registered e-mail holder (i.e. the system thinks you are unsupported), and you try to access the restricted (i.e. supported users only) forums, then please follow the instructions on the screen, i.e. please contact the "Registered e-mail" holder stated on your MBRM invoice (which is also shown in your license number confirmation e-mails) and ask them to add your e-mail to our "MBRM Web Service" main menu option : "Register the users to be covered by your Support Contract"

Then you should exit your web browser screen (or log-out of our MBRM Web Service) and then re-enter the web site in order that the change in your support status is taken into account.

To increase the speed in answering your questions, as well as to enable us to focus our support efforts on questions which are not already answered on our online Support/Discussion forums (or in the manuals), please note :

1) We recommend you initially search the online support/discussion forums and searchable support knowledgebase of the MBRM Web Service: https://www.mbrm.com/asp
Supported users have free access to this to assist in maximizing the benefits from using our Universal Add-ins and ensure they are one of the first to preview the latest models and enhancements
You may find that your question is already answered in either the online support/discussion forums or in the Universal Add-ins manuals which would be installed automatically on your machine with our software. Refer to section "9. MANUALS, DOCUMENTATION AND BROCHURES" of the "Quick Start Guide (README.PDF)".
The Quick Start Guide is very useful as an initial "roadmap" to the UNIVERSAL Add-ins. You can refer to it by either :
* Clicking the shortcut "Quick Start Guide (README.PDF)" in the "MBRM Universal Add-ins" program group (via Windows' "Start" button). The shortcuts can also be used to view the manuals, brochure, price list, background article on risk management system development, sample code etc.
* Or, by opening the README.PDF file (from the installation directory, e.g. C:\MBRM) using your Acrobat PDF reader.
2) If your question is still unresolved, please e-mail our MBRM 24x7 Support Desk : support@mbrm.com
  (always quoting your support invoice number AND your Machine ID number as generated by our UNIVERSAL Add-ins).
It is sometimes helpful if you e-mail us our sample spreadsheets which shows the problem occurring together with all the input parameters used. Experience has shown that using our sample spreadsheets can greatly assist in solving issues arising when calling from your own spreadsheets (especially due to the extra results returned by our sample spreadsheets). This might also clarify whether the problem is data related.

E-mail attachments should preferably be compressed/zipped to reduce their size and increase reliability during transmission.

3) If your problem is still unresolved, you can call technical support on +44 20-7628 2008 (quoting your support invoice number AND your Machine ID number as generated by our UNIVERSAL Add-ins).

We are pleased to confirm that quoting, generating proforma invoices and buying of our add-ins is fully automated on our MBRM WEB SERVICE "https://www.mbrm.com/asp". After you log in, just choose the main menu option:

"Online quotes, proforma invoices and purchasing"

This system will automatically generate multi-purchase discounts to purchases of 5 or more of the same Add-ins at the same time on the following basis:

No. of Machines Discount No. of Machines Discount
5 20 % 30 50 %
10 25 % 50 58 %
20 43 % 100 67 %

Our price list is at "https://www.mbrm.com/pricelist.shtml

See also our brochure (which includes the price list on page 22) at https://www.mbrm.com/broch.pdf

For sales assistance, please e-mail MBRM's dedicated sales team: sales@mbrm.com

or call +44 20-7628 2007